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Production Animal Management Laboratory (11:067:338)

(2 credits)

Typically Offered: Alternating Spring semesters taught by Dr. Mike Westendorf and staff.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Pre-requisites are 11:067:142, and 11:067:327, and 11:067:330, or permission of instructor

Format: The importance and role of various agricultural animal species to food and fiber production is presented. Guest speakers from the industries and field trips are utilized. In the co-requisite laboratory students gain "hands on" experience following market trends and conducting animal production studies.

Description: Emphasis is placed on the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industries. Production requirements, such as land, housing, feeding/nutrition, breeding, sanitation, environmental/ethical concerns, and marketing are taught as modules in the course, applying to all species.

Examinations: Grading is based on participation and performance on quizzes, final exam, and the completion of special projects (market trends/bulletin board, production study/report).

Other Requirements: Students must complete this course and the lab (11:067:338) during the same semester. Course is part of a two-year series with 11:067:406, Farm Productivity Analysis, taught in alternating years.

Syllabus (103k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Mike Westendorf