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Animal Nutrition (11:067:330 Section 01)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Each Fall semester.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Two semesters of General Chemistry (01:160:161-162), two semesters of General Biology (01:119:115-116), and Animal Science (11:067:142) are pre-requisites. Transfer students who have completed General Biology may take Animal Science and Animal Nutrition in the same semester by obtaining a pre-requisite override from Dr. Jesse. Ideally the accompanying laboratory class (11:067:331, 1 credit), required of all on-campus students majoring in Animal Sciences, should also be taken during the same semester as the lecture in Animal Nutrition (11:067:330).

Format: Lecture (two 80 minute lectures per week)

Description: The application of nutritional principles to livestock feeding is presented. The course introduces students to the nature of nutrients, their metabolism and physiological functions. The regulation of nutrient use in response to changing physiological states of an animal are emphasized. The factors which influence nutrient requirements for domestic animals in various physiological states are also presented.

Examinations: Two hourly examinations are given during the lecture period, plus a comprehensive final exam, covering the entire course, during final exam week.

Other Requirements: Regularly assigned readings will be taken from the textbook. Additional readings from primary sources may also be assigned.

Syllabus (59k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Barry Jesse
Bartlett Hall, Rm. 213C