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Farm Productivity and Analysis in the Animal Sciences (11:067:406)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Alternating Spring semesters.

Registration Restrictions: This course is limited to Juniors and Seniors. Recommended courses are Animal Nutrition and the lab, (11:067:330 and 11:067:331); and at least two courses in livestock production (eg. 11:067:336, 11:067:338) and business (macro-, microeconomics).

Format: Lecture and field trips. Class meets weekly (Friday), 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hours. Course consists of a combination of lecture and field trips.

Description: Students will evaluate livestock farms and other animal enterprises and make recommendations about all aspects of animal management. This will happen in class through the use of case studies and other exercises. It will also include on-farm visits, problem solving, diagnostic analysis and the development of management recommendations for producers. Students will gain practical experience both in the classroom and on the farm in diagnostic, problem solving and analysis of livestock farms. This will require students to incorporate and synthesize material from previous courses. Students will also have the opportunity to work directly with Extension Professionals for part of this course.

Examinations: A final comprehensive examination will be given. This will be a practical, problem-solving examination including case studies for analysis.

Other Requirements: Grading will consist of a combination of homework assignments (case studies to be written up or critiqued) and a term paper about a contemporary problem in animal agriculture. The instructor makes frequent use of e-mail for communicating with students about assignments and field trips.

Syllabus (126k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Michael Westendorf