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Horse Management (11:067:384)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Each Fall semester.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: The pre-requisite is Animal Science, 11:067:142, or the permission of Dr. Aparna Zama (

Format: Two 80-minute lectures every week.

Description: The objective of the course is to provide a solid understanding of the basic requirements for horse care in a variety of settings based on the behavioral, anatomical, physiological and health considerations of equine animals. Optional field trips are offered and the students are encouraged to volunteer at equine events. There is extensive use of audio visual aids in the lectures. The course is appropriate for both novice and experienced horse enthusiasts.

Examinations: Final grades will be based the average of (all weighted equally): 4 quizzes (average of three best grades), Midterm Exam, Final Exam and a Term Paper. All quizzes and examinations are short answer, fill in the blank with limited use of multiple choice. The term paper is a 5-6 page description of how the student would manage a horse farm given a scenario provided at the beginning of the course (it changes each year).

Additional Information: Students are strongly encouraged to volunteer their services at horse events (not just attend to observe or compete!). ONE (1) point will be added to each term paper grade for each day the student volunteered (documentation necessary!) at an equine event. Volunteer activities are not restricted to the events listed on the up-coming events list provided at the beginning of the course. This course fulfills part of the requirement for the Equine major and minor courses of study in the Animal Science Major. Contact Dr. Aparna Zama (

Syllabus (179k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Eli Perris