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Biosecurity in Animal Agriculture (11:067:295)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: In the Fall and Spring semesters.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Two semesters of General Biology, 01:119:115-116, and Introduction to Animal Science, 11:067:142.

Format: Two 80-minute lectures each week.

Description: Biosecurity in Animal Agriculture focuses on production animal management practices and the implementation of safeguards that decrease the spread of infectious diseases.? This course gives students the opportunity to understand and apply concepts of disease transmission in animal production situations.? Multiple species and diseases will be discussed throughout the course as examples of biosecurity in practice.? This course provides the foundation for students interested in learning the complexities of the prevention of disease transmission in both animals and humans.? Biosecurity in Animal Agriculture is a discussion-based course to allow students to fully understand the practical application of biosecurity in our ever more global world.

Honors Requirement:?Honors Seminar (11:067:296) students will be required to complete an extra writing assignment to receive honors credit for this course.

11:067:295 Syllabus (450k PDF)

11:067:296 Honors Syllabus (450k PDF)


Dr. Anna Hausmann