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Carol A. Bagnell.

Carol A. Bagnell
Professor and Department Chair

Research: Reproductive endocrinology; Control of reproductive tissue growth; Maternal programming of development

William J. Belden.

William J. Belden
Associate Professor

Research: Molecular aspects of chromatin remodeling and circadian rhythms; non-coding RNA

Nicholas T. Bello.

Nicholas T. Bello
Associate Professor

Research: Neural control of feeding and diet selection

Wendie S. Cohick.

Wendie S. Cohick
Professor and Dean of Research and Graduate Education NJAES/SEBS

Research: Endocrine regulation of mammary gland biology and breast cancer

Omkaram Gangisetty.

Omkaram Gangisetty
Research Associate

Research: Epigenetics, Fetal alcohol exposure, gene expression

Anna Hausmann.

Anna Hausmann
Teaching Instructor
Pre-Veterinary Adviser

Teaching: Pathophysiology

Teh Ho.

Teh-Yuan Ho
Research Associate

Research: Maternal lactocrine programming of porcine reproductive tract development

Barry W. Jesse.

Barry W. Jesse
Associate Professor

Research: Ruminant nutritional biochemistry and molecular biology

Larry S. Katz.

Larry S. Katz
Professor Emeritus

Research: Animal domestication and the human-animal bond

Karyn Malinowski.

Karyn Malinowski
Extension Specialist and Professor

Research: Equine endocrinology and physiology

Sara Malone

Sara Malone
Teaching Instructor

Teaching: Animal Assisted Therapy, Honors Seminar in Animal Science

Kenneth H. McKeever.

Kenneth H. McKeever

Research: Equine exercise and environmental physiology; neuroendocrine control of cardio-renal function

Sengottuvelan Murugan.

Sengottuvelan Murugan
Research Associate

Research: Tumor- and neuroimmunology, cancer signaling pathways and chemotherapeutics

Troy A. Roepke.

Troy A. Roepke
Associate Professor
Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Equity Advisor for School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Research: The interactions of hormones, diets, endocrine disruptors, and maternal influences on the hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis, reproduction, and thermoregulation

Dipak K. Sarkar.

Dipak K. Sarkar
Director, Endocrine Program
Distinguished Professor

Research: Alcoholism, stress biology and cancer

Elizabeth Snyder.

Elizabeth Snyder
Assistant Professor

Research: RNA biology, fertility, male contraceptives, novel RNAs, male germ cells

Mehmet Uzumcu.

Mehmet Uzumcu
Associate Professor

Research: Testis and ovary development in mammals

Michael L. Westendorf.

Michael L. Westendorf
Extension Specialist and Professor

Research: Ruminant nutrition; growth by-product utilization

Carey A. Williams.

Carey A. Williams
Extension Specialist and Professor

Research: Equine nutrition and exercise; pasture management and metabolism of the grazing horse

Aparna M. Zama.

Aparna M. Zama
Associate Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Program Director

Research: Epigenetic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on female reproduction

Administrative Staff

Title Name Office Phone Email
Department Chair and Program Directors
Department Chair Carol Bagnell Foran Hall 126A 848-932-6334
Undergraduate Program Director Aparna M. Zama Bartlett Hall 209A 848-932-8495
Graduate Program Director Troy Roepke Bartlett Hall 305B 848-932-9454
Administrative Support Staff
Business Specialist Damien Carroll-DeBose Bartlett Hall 118 848-932-9793
Business Specialist II Tejal Talati Bartlett Hall 117 848-932-1936
Senior Program Coordinator Katherine A. Manger Bartlett Hall 105
Unit Computing Specialist A. DeLaRosa Bartlett Hall 209B 848-932-8948
Administrative Assistant Jeannette Mullins Bartlett Hall 117 848-932-1036
Animal Care Program - Main Office
Research Farm Manager Clint Burgher Bartlett Hall 103 848-932-9415