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Carol A. Bagnell.

Carol A. Bagnell

Research: Reproductive endocrinology; Control of reproductive tissue growth; Maternal programming of development

Nicholas T. Bello.

Nicholas T. Bello
Professor and Department Chair

Research: Neural control of feeding and diet selection

Henry Bignell.

Henry Bignell
Teaching Instructor

Teaching: Intro to Animal Sciences

Wendie S. Cohick.

Wendie S. Cohick
Professor and Dean of Research and Graduate Education NJAES/SEBS

Research: Endocrine regulation of mammary gland biology and breast cancer

Teh Ho.

Teh-Yuan Ho
Research Associate

Research: Maternal lactocrine programming of porcine reproductive tract development

Barry W. Jesse.

Barry W. Jesse
Professor Emeritus

Research: Ruminant nutritional biochemistry and molecular biology

Amanda E. Jetzt.

Amanda E. Jetzt
Research Associate

Research: Normal mammary gland physiology and tumorigenesis

Larry S. Katz.

Larry S. Katz
Professor Emeritus
Director Emeritus, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Research: Animal domestication and the human-animal bond

Karyn Malinowski.

Karyn Malinowski
Extension Specialist and Professor

Research: Equine endocrinology and physiology

Kenneth H. McKeever.

Kenneth H. McKeever

Research: Equine exercise and environmental physiology; neuroendocrine control of cardio-renal function

Troy A. Roepke.

Troy A. Roepke
Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Research: The interactions of hormones, diets, endocrine disruptors, and maternal influences on the hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis, reproduction, and thermoregulation

Taylor Ross.

Taylor Ross
Teaching Instructor

Teaching: Animal Welfare

Dipak K. Sarkar.

Dipak K. Sarkar
Director, Endocrine Program
Distinguished Professor

Research: Alcoholism, stress biology and cancer

Igor Shmarakov.

Igor Shmarakov
Assistant Professor

Research: Molecular and cellular physiology of retinoids in health and disease

Elizabeth Snyder.

Elizabeth Snyder
Assistant Professor

Research: RNA biology, fertility, male contraceptives, novel RNAs, male germ cells

Tess Stahl.

Tess Stahl
Assistant Professor

Research: Prepartum ruminant nutrition; colostrum in beef cattle, sheep, and goats; byproduct feed utilization in ruminant and swine diets

Mehmet Uzumcu.

Mehmet Uzumcu
Associate Professor

Research: Testis and ovary development in mammals

Michael L. Westendorf.

Michael L. Westendorf
Extension Specialist and Professor

Research: Ruminant nutrition; growth by-product utilization

Carey A. Williams.

Carey A. Williams
Extension Specialist and Professor
Graduate Program Director

Research: Equine nutrition and exercise; pasture management and metabolism of the grazing horse

Aparna M. Zama.

Aparna M. Zama
Associate Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Program Director

Research: Epigenetic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on female reproduction

Administrative Staff

Title Name Office Phone Email
Department Chair and Program Directors
Department Chair Nicholas T. Bello Bartlett Hall 106 848-932-0535
Undergraduate Program Director Aparna M. Zama Bartlett Hall 209A 848-932-8495
Graduate Program Director Carey A. Williams Bartlett Hall 213E 848-932-5529
Administrative Support Staff
Business Specialist Khushboo Bajaj Bartlett Hall 117 848-932-9793
Business Assistant James Taylor Bartlett Hall 117 848-932-1936
Department Administrator Jeannette Mullins Bartlett Hall 103 848-932-1036
Senior Program Coordinator Stacey Pontoriero Bartlett Hall 105 848-932-3879
Program Coordinator II Krista Schnatter Bartlett Hall 105 848-932-1937
Program Coordinator I Terichi Bellinger Bartlett Hall 105 848-932-9406
Unit Computing Specialist A. DeLaRosa Bartlett Hall 209B 848-932-8948
Animal Care Program - Main Office
Research Farm Manager Clint Burgher Bartlett Hall 102 848-932-9415