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Make an Impact

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Our focus is donor-centric, mindful of what the donors and the department's constituents want to accomplish with their money. We recognize the importance of donors' intentions and facilitate the necessary interactions to support Animal Sciences and Rutgers.

Scholarships for undergraduates, fellowships for graduate students, and awards help cover tuition and research, which allows us to attract and retain the best students to Animal Sciences and continue our mission of providing instruction in the classroom, field, and laboratory, and opportunities for experiential learning on and off campus.

Support for research and faculty enables our department to enhance research projects, instrumentation, facilities, and other research expenses.

Some opportunities to make an impact include:

  1. Animal Sciences Undergraduate Student Award Fund
    Gifts to this fund generate scholarships for Animal Sciences students in perpetuity.
  2. Animal Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship
    Help recruit and retain graduate students through financial support and opportunities to conduct research.
  3. Animal Sciences Academic Excellence Fund
    Support for the academic excellence fund can support a wide range of programs in the department, maximizing the impact of your support.
  4. Animal Care Fund
    Support for the animals and the farms.
  5. SEBS Scholarship Endowment Fund
    Gifts to the endowment generate scholarships for student in perpetuity.
  6. SEBS Educational Assistance Fund
    The Educational Assistance Fund supports students on a rolling basis when students need additional resources to continue their studies.

Thank you for making an impact for Animal Sciences at the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

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