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Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology (11:067:491)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Fall semesters (every odd year).

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: The pre-requisites are two semesters of General Biology (01:19:101-102), and one of the following courses: Integrative Physiology (11:067:300), Systems Physiology (01:146:356), Animal Physiological Ecology (11:704:360), Animal Reproduction (11:067:327), Biochemical Mechanisms of Toxicology (11:115:422), or Molecular Toxicology (11:115:434). This is an elective course for students majoring in Animal Science Pre-Vet/Research.

Format: The course will consist of two 80-minute lectures per week.

Description: Application of toxicological principles in reproductive studies and instruction on the effects of toxicants on male and female reproduction, and on the developing embryo/fetus. Critical evaluation of reproductive toxicity studies and development of mechanistic approaches to understanding how chemical exposure can adversely affect reproduction.

Other Requirements: Essential Reproduction (Sixth Edition), Martin H. Johnson* and Ecological Developmental Biology: Integrating Epigenetics, Medicine and Evolution, Scott F. Gilbert & David Epel. Other selected reading from various texts will be provided via online course website.

*Not necessary if you have Pathways to Pregnancy & Parturition (Animal Reproduction Text).

Syllabus (110 PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Troy Roepke