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Animal Diseases (11:067:404)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Fall and Summer semesters.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Introductory Biology (01:119:115-116). Class is restricted to seniors.

Format: Lectures twice a week in an 80-minute class period.

Description: This is a concept course on the biology of animal diseases. It uses examples of bacteria, viruses and parasites to illustrate fundamental principles in the evolution, transmission, pathogenesis, treatment and control of disease.

Examinations: Numerous pop quizzes, 2 hourly exams in the lecture period, and a comprehensive final exam. Exams are essay-type, and answers are expected to be coherent, rational and conceptual.

Other Requirements: Attendance in class is absolutely required for good performance in this course.

Syllabus (324k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Aparna Zama
Bartlett Hall, Rm. 209A