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Techniques in Equine Exercise Physiology (11:067:403)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Open to juniors and seniors by permission of Dr. McKeever (Bartlett 003, 732-932-9390, Prior participation in Research in Animal Science (11:067:493/494) is encouraged but not required.

Format and Objectives: The small-group learning format of this course will allow for Socratic style exchange between students and the instructor with a special focus on using the studies conducted in the lab as a real-time method to teach about the physiological responses to exercise. The major goal of the class will be to provide opportunities for students to learn about the application of the scientific method and hypothesis-driven research with real-time experiences. The class is offered for 3 credits based on a weekly classroom session and research hours by arrangement.

Description: Students who have enrolled in Techniques in Equine Exercise Physiology assist in research projects conducted in the equine treadmill laboratory. This course will build upon those hands-on experiences by supplementing participation in the laboratory with formal classroom sessions that cover the scientific method and the theory behind various techniques used in equine exercise physiology research. The class will be listed on the student s transcript with a title that reflects the true topic of the learning experience.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on attendance and participation in the lab, participation in a biweekly journal club style recitation, laboratory journal and notes taken during class, and a term paper.

Syllabus (25k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Kenneth McKeever
Bartlett Hall, Rm. 003