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Animal Assisted Therapy (11:067:395)

(3 credits)

Typically Offered: In the Fall and Spring semesters.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions: Two semesters of General Biology (01:119:115-116).

Course Format and Objectives: This is a course for students with a strong interest in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), focusing on small companion animals and horses. This course will provide students with an overview of AAT and its relevance as an alternative treatment modality for common psychological disorders. Information regarding the history and evolution of AAT in counseling, common therapeutic animals and techniques, ethical concerns when using animals in therapy, and the use of therapy animals with special populations will be covered.

Examinations: Course participation and attendance, one comprehensive final exam, and a class project with both written and oral presentation components.

Syllabus (197k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Taylor Ross, Ph.D.