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Comparative Mammalian Anatomy (11:067:391)

(3 credits)

Normally Offered: This course is offered each Fall and during Summer Session.

Prerequisites and Registration Restrictions: Two semesters of General Biology (01:119:115-116).

Course Format and Objectives: This course is designed in a classroom lecture format that will include various innovative teaching modalities within the lecture hour to accomplish the course objectives, which are as follows: (1) Understand and explain body systems and how they are integrated in a healthy mammal; (2) Identify species differences between selected mammals? anatomical systems; (3) Evaluate and effectively communicate with a team of student peers the research performed to assess a comparative aspect of animal anatomy.

The various modalities on top of classroom lectures to be utilized in this course include animal limb dissections to be prepared by the instructor, veterinarian-facilitated necropsies, videos and computer programs to virtually show the internal structure of various organ systems and their functions, and artificial animal models and skeletons.

Other Requirements ? Text: Anatomy of Domestic Animals, by Pasquini, Spurgeon, and Pasquini. Sudz Publishing, 2007, 11th ed.

Evaluation: The evaluation of student performance is based on quizzes, exams, and on both the written and oral portions of the final project.

Syllabus (989k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Carey Williams