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Horse Practicum (11:067:207)

EBE COURSE (2 credits)

Typically Offered: In the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites. Contact Mr. Anthony Sacchetti ( for questions.

Other Registration Restrictions: Medical clearance to work with animals is required prior to registering. For information on obtaining this clearance, please read our Working With Animals (84k PDF) information sheet. Contact Dr. Aparna Zama ( with questions.

Format: "Hands-on" care of horses on campus with 3 hours/week and demonstrations in a common period lecture.

Description: The students assist with the daily care (feeding, stall cleaning, grooming) of the RUTH horses on campus and routine health management (farrier, vaccinations, de-worming, treatment of wounds or injuries) of the herd.

Examinations: The students are evaluated on the basis of their performance, reliability, hours worked and examinations. Please see the syllabus for grading specifics.

Other Requirements: The ability to perform physical labor in the barns and around horses. No horse experience, however, is required.

Syllabus (105k PDF) (may be subject to change)


Dr. Aparna Zama
Bartlett Hall, Rm. 209A