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Animal Handling, Fitting, and Exhibition ? Supervisor (11:067:176)

(1 credit, Pass/No credit)

Typically Offered: Each Spring semester as seven separate sections: cattle (CA), dog (DO), goat (GO), horse (HO), poultry (PO), sheep (SH), and swine (SW); by arrangement. Hours are by arrangement. Scheduled barn hours begin after Spring Break and go through the last Saturday in April; however, pre-class responsibilities may include attending supervisor meetings.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Successful completion of Animal Handling, Fitting, and Exhibition 11:067:175 with relevant species and/or be approved by special handling demonstration facilitated by Instructor (Horse section specifically). Submission and approval of supervisor application. Registration is by special permission: sections CA, GO, SH SW, and DO through Dr. Jesse; and section HO through Dr. Williams. Practicum or Work Study experience on the Cook Campus Farm is recommended but not required. Students must be comfortable and confident handling, restraining, fitting/grooming, and showing relevant species and be comfortable working with and teaching other students. Medical clearance to work with animals is required by early January. For information on obtaining this clearance, please read our Working With Animals (84k PDF) information sheet. Contact Dr. Aparna Zama ( with questions.

Format: In this experience-based education (EBE) course, students gain hands-on supervisory experience as they supervise undergraduates enrolled in Animal Handling, Fitting, and Exhibition 11:067:175 (held immediately after Spring Break through the last Saturday in April). Both courses are conducted as part of the preparations for the Animal Shows on Rutgers Day/Ag Field Day on the G. H. Cook Campus.

Description: Students expand their experience handling, fitting (clipping, shearing, carding, bathing, hoof trimming, braiding), and working with livestock and companion animals as well as building teaching skills during scheduled weekly sessions.

Assessment: Observation of student?s abilities and participation during scheduled weekly sessions (minimum of 5 supervisory hours/week). Student is responsible for maintaining a journal chronicling work completed. An ?NC? grade will be assigned if the prerequisite animal handling skills or ability to teach animal handling skills during student sessions is not displayed or if the minimum number of weekly supervisory hours are not met.

Other Requirements: Proper clothing and footwear at all times is required to participate. Attendance on Rutgers Day/Ag Field Day is required (unless permission is given).

Syllabus (196k PDF) (may be subject to change)

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Barry Jesse

Dr. Carey Williams