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Graduate Faculty

Members of the Graduate Faculty in Endocrinology and Animal Biosciences and their Departments

Brandon L. Alderman headshot.

Brandon Alderman
Associate Professor, Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Ph.D., Arizona State

Research: Effects of exercise on cardiovascular and mental health

Tracy G. Anthony headshot.

Tracy G. Anthony
Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research: Cellular stress responses to amino acid deprivation

Andy V. Babwah headshot.

Andy V. Babwah
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Laboratory of Human Growth and Reproductive Development
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Child Health Institute of New Jersey

Ph.D., McGill University

Research: Understanding the cause of female infertility by studying pubertal development and early pregnancy events like embryo implantation

Carol A. Bagnell headshot.

Carol A. Bagnell
Professor and Chair, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Medical College of Georgia

Research: Reproductive endocrinology; Control of reproductive tissue growth; Maternal programming of development

William J. Belden headshot.

William J. Belden
Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Dartmouth College

Research: Molecular aspects of chromatin remodeling and circadian rhythms; non-coding RNA

Nicholas T. Bello headshot.

Nicholas T. Bello
Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Research: Neural control of feeding and diet selection

Christoph Buettner headshot.

Christoph Buettner
Professor, Department of Medicine
Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Ph.D., Ludwig Maximillians University

Research: Diabetes and obesity and the hypothalamic control of energy and glucose homeostasis

Wendie S. Cohick headshot.

Wendie S. Cohick
Professor, Animal Sciences
Dean of Research and Graduate Education
Ph.D., Cornell

Research: Hormonal regulation of mammary gland biology and breast cancer

Morgan James headshot.

Morgan James
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Ph.D., University of Newcastle

Research: Treating psychiatric illnesses with advanced neuroscience approaches

Karyn Malinowski headshot.

Karyn Malinowski
Professor, Animal Sciences
Director, Equine Science Centers

Ph.D., Rutgers

Research: Equine endocrinology and physiology

Kenneth H. McKeever headshot.

Kenneth H. McKeever
Professor, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Arizona

Research: Equine exercise and environmental physiology; neuroendocrine control of cardio-renal function

Loredana Quadro headshot.

Loredana Quadro
Professor, Food Science
Ph.D., University of Naples, Italy

Research: Understanding the relationship between nutrients and human health, at different stages of the life cycle, through the use of genetically modified animal models

Sally Radovick headshot.

Sally Radovick
Professor and Henry Rutgers Term Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

M.D., Northeastern Ohio University

Research: Mechanisms of growth and development of children

Roopchand, Diana E headshot.

Diana E. Roopchand
Assistant Professor, Food Science
Ph.D., McGill University

Research: Plant-derived compounds and chronic diseases across the lifespan

Troy A. Roepke headshot.

Troy A. Roepke
Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Equity Advisor for School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Graduate Program Director
Ph.D., University of California at Davis

Research: The interactions of hormones, diets, endocrine disruptors, and maternal influences on the hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis, reproduction, and thermoregulation

Sampath, Harini headshot.

Harini Sampath
Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison

Research: Oxidative damage, mitochondrial function, DNA repair, gut microbiome and metabolic disease

Dipak K. Sarkar headshot.

Dipak K. Sarkar
Professor II, Animal Sciences
Director, Endocrinology Program
Ph.D., Calcutta; DPhil, Oxford

Research: Alcoholism, stress biology and cancer

Karen A. Schindler headshot.

Karen A. Schindler
Associate Professor, Genetics
Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey
Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University

Research: Regulation of meiosis, female gamete (egg) formation and fertility

Elizabeth Snyder headshot.

Elizabeth Snyder
Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Washington State University

Research: RNA biology, fertility, male contraceptives, novel RNAs, male germ cells

Phoebe A. Stapleton headshot.

Phoebe A. Stapleton
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI)
Ph.D., West Virginia University

Research: Microvascular physiology adaptation to pregnancy, disease, and environmental exposures

Mehmet Uzumcu headshot.

Mehmet Uzumcu
Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
D.V.M. Ankara University ; Ph.D. Ohio State

Research: Testis and ovary development in mammals

Malcolm Watford headshot.

Malcolm Watford
Professor, Nutritional Sciences
DPhil, Oxford

Research: Regulation of glutamine metabolism

Carey A. Williams headshot.

Carey A. Williams
Equine Extension Specialist and Professor, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Research: Equine nutrition and exercise; pasture management and metabolism of the grazing horse

Aparna Zama headshot.

Aparna Zama
Assistant Teaching Professor, Animal Sciences
Undergraduate Program Director
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Research: Epigenetic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on female reproduction

Affiliate Members of the Graduate Faculty

Rocco V. Carsia headshot.

Rocco V. Carsia
Associate Professor, Cell Biology, UMDNJ-SOM
Ph.D., Rutgers

Research: Adrenocortical cell biology

Sulie L. Chang headshot.

Sulie L. Chang
Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of the Institute of NeuroImmune Pharmacology, Seton Hall University
Ph.D., Ohio State

Research: Neuroimmune axis in health and disease; and alcohol and drug abuse

David W. Horohov headshot.

David W. Horohov
Professor of Equine Immunology, Dept of Veterinary Science, University of Kentucky
Ph.D., Tennessee

Research: Effect of exercise stress on cytokines regulating equine immune responses

Larry S. Katz headshot.

Larry S. Katz
Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences
Ph.D., California (Davis)

Research: Endocrine regulation of reproductive behavior in ruminants; wildlife damage control

Linda Rhodes headshot.

Linda Rhodes
Independent Consultant in Animal Health, Retired CEO/CSO of Aratana Therapeutics
VMD, Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Cornell

Research: Development of new animal health and productivity tools based on biotechnology