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Larry S. Katz

Larry S. Katz headshot.

Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences
Director Emeritus, Rutgers Cooperative Station
Bartlett Hall, Room 205

Curriculum Vitae (300k PDF)


My lab long-studied the endocrine basis of sexual behavior in ruminants. Blending animal science, animal behavior and reproductive physiology was the underpinning of a novel field of investigation. We were particularly interested in understanding sexual motivation and performance in males and attractivity, proceptivity, and receptivity in females. Some recent studies have examined androgen-dependent olfactory signals emitted by males that females use to choose among the males. We also examined the self-stimulatory effects of male urine-marking on reproductive physiology and behavior in goats. Most recently, we have shifted our focus to better understanding student attitudes towards animals.

Some of my significant contributions to the field of domestic animal behavioral endocrinology include:

  • characterization of physical and social factors that influence tests designed for quantifying sexual performance or sex drive in domestic ruminants
  • standardization of sexual performance tests in domestic ruminants
  • demonstration of the importance of early rearing and sexual experiences on adult sexual performance in domestic ruminants
  • demonstration of the existence of an olfactory cue that stimulates enhanced sexual performance in male sheep
  • demonstration of a role for the vomeronasal organ in neonatal offspring recognition in sheep
  • demonstration of the importance of testosterone and not sexual experience in the development of a preference for females in male goats
  • demonstration that female goats prefer males and/or male odor; and this preference depends upon high serum concentrations of testosterone in the males
  • characterizing the endocrine signals that drive urine self-marking behavior expressed by male goats

Specific Projects

We are currently exploring college student attitudes towards animals. This research is directed at developing animal-assisted therapies that may serve to reduce stress in this population.


Title Location Year
Professor Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 2009 - present
Senior Associate Director NJ Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University 2009 - 2018
Director, Cooperative Extension NJ Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University 2008 - 2018
Department Chair Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 2002 - 2008
Acting Department Chair Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 2001 - 2002
Associate Professor Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 1995
Assistant Professor Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 1989
Research Physiologist University of California at Berkeley
Post-Graduate Researcher VI University of California at Davis 1985


Degree Location Year
NIH Post-Doctoral Training Fellowship Colorado State University, Fort Collins 1984
Ph.D. Animal Behavior, University of California at Davis 1984
M.S. Reproductive Physiology, Cornell University 1979
B.S. Animal Science, Cornell University 1976


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