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Barry W. Jesse

Barry W. Jesse headshot.

Associate Professor
Bartlett Hall, Room 213C



The long-term goal of the research in my laboratory is to determine the mechanism(s) responsible for rumen development. A specific goal is to understand the role butyrate plays at the molecular level in this process. Research interests include:

  • Development of a cell culture system to study rumen epithelial cell differentiation in vitro
  • Isolation and characterization of cDNA clones of genes undergoing differential expression during rumen development
  • Determination of the mechanisms regulating gene expression in the developing rumen


Title Location Year
Associate Professor Dept. of Animal Sciences, Rutgers University 1992


Degree Location Year
Postdoc School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University 1986
Ph.D. Institute of Nutrition Michigan State University 1984
M.S. University of Illinois 1977
B.S. University of Illinois 1975