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4-H/Youth Development

Animal Identification

It is important for all animal producers to properly identify their animals. In addition to determining ownership, proper identification helps producers to identify superior animals, maintain production and health records, track genetic improvement, ensure market access, track animals that have been lost or stolen, and trace animals/farms in the case of animal disease or pandemics.

Some of the methods used to identify animals include permanent identification methods such as brands, ear tags, ear-notching, tattoos, microchips, RFID tags, pictures (breed registry), nose printing, and retinal scans; semi-permanent methods such as ear tags, leg bands, and wing bands; and temporary methods such as sale tags, show tags, leg bands, and paint branding.

The goal of this program/game is to help students learn the importance of animal identification, to learn different identification methods, to learn to identify different methods, and to play a Bingo game that will allow you to show your ability. (A small prize will be available for getting the correct answer, a limited number is available).

  1. First, view the Animal Identification Overview video
  2. Next, view the Animal Identification Tools video
  3. Finally, play the game using the following two files. They are in PDF format and are best viewed using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    Bingo ID Game(3.36 mb PDF)

    Bingo Game Form(213 kb PDF)

If you win the game, please give your information to your 4-H leader and we will arrange for you to get a prize.