Topics in Companion Animal Issues: Animals and Health (11:067:461)

(2 credits)

Typically Offered: Fall semesters with Dr. Perri Stark.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: No pre-requisites.

Format: The course will consist of two 80-minute lectures per week. Please contact Dr. Stark for class start date.

Description: This course will explore various topics pertaining to the healthy companion animal with an emphasis on dogs and cats. The format of the course will consist of in class lectures and discussions, hands on demonstrations, oral presentations, as well as quizzes and exams. The first part of the course will consist of lectures covering basic areas of companion animal health such as physical exams, equipment/diagnostics, nutrition, oncology, and acupuncture. During the first 2 weeks of the course, students will select a group and topic to present in an 18 to 20 minute oral presentation. Oral presentations must be a synthesis of a current topic in companion animal health. (See the additional handout for requirements) During the oral presentations, each student will be required to participate in peer reviewed feedback. Students will also participate in the Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Certification program.

Additional Information: Dr. Perri Stark (

Syllabus (may be subject to change)