Animal Nutrition Lab (11:067:331)

(1 credit)

Typically Offered: Each Fall semester by Dr. Barry Jesse

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Animal Nutrition (11:067:330) is pre- or corequisite for the Animal Nutrition Laboratory.

Format: Laboratory and Recitation. The course meets once a week for two consecutive 80 minute periods.

Description: Students conduct experiments and exercises that demonstrate the nutritional principles presented in Animal Nutrition (11:067:330) lecture. In addition, ration evaluation and balancing for the major domestic animal species are also emphasized.

Examinations: A comprehensive laboratory practical examination (30% of the course grade) is administered during the final week of classes.

Other Requirements: In class assignments (50% of the course grade), as well as one lab report (20% of the course grade), make up the balance of the course requirements.

Syllabus (may be subject to change)

Additional Information: Contact Dr. Jesse (Bartlett 213C, phone 848-932-8165 email