Animal Handling, Fitting, and Exhibition (11:067:175)

(1 credit, Pass/No credit)

Typically Offered: Each Spring semester starting immediately after Spring break through the last Saturday in April as five separate sections: cattle (CA), dog (DO), goat (GO), horse (HO), sheep (SH), and swine (SW) by arrangement. Please note sections DO and HO have prerequisites (see below).

Registration Restrictions: Supervisor schedules will be made available to students before the start of the course. Course schedules should allow 1 hour/day or 1.5 to 2 hours over several days each week to work with an animal, for a total of at least 20-25 hours. Scheduling 3-5 hours all on one day each week is strongly discouraged. Weekend and/or evening hours are not available. Students are expected to care for their animals at the Cook Campus Farm several days a week. This requires the ability to do farm work and have proper clothing and footwear. Medical clearance to work with animals is required prior to registering. For information on obtaining this clearance, please read our Working With Animals information sheet. Contact Dr. Aparna Zama ( with questions.

Format: This is a hands-on, experience-based course, involving significant farm work and direct interaction with animals. Students are expected to be prepared to do farm work and will be graded on their performance at the farm with their animals. The course is conducted as part of the preparations for conducting Animal Shows on Rutgers Day on the Cook Campus. Hands-on experience is obtained as students learn how to handle, fit, and exhibit animals.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for CA, GO, SH, and SW sections. DO and HO sections have prerequisites; contact the appropriate faculty for information. Registration is by special permission: sections CA, GO, SH SW, and DO through Dr. Jesse (848-932-9095,; section HO through Dr. Williams (848-932-5529,

Description: Experience is gained in the handling (use of a halter, leading, displaying), fitting (clipping, grooming, cleanliness), and exhibiting (showmanship) of large animals. Training techniques, behavior, and animal care are also presented.

Examinations: Grading is based on both participation (approx. 5 hours/week) and the quality of the student's interaction with the animals in preparations for the Animal Shows. Unsatisfactory work with the animals will result in an NC grade.

Other Requirements: Proper clothing and footwear at all times is required to participate. Attendance and/or participation in the shows on Rutgers Day is required.

Additional Information: Contact Dr. Barry Jesse (848-932-9095, or Dr. Carey Williams (848-932-5529,

Syllabus (may be subject to change)