Careers in Animal Science (11:067:101)

(1 credit)

Normally Offered: Each Spring semester by Dr. Kathleen Rahman.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: This course has no pre-requesites.

Format: One 80 minute seminar/lecture each week. The presentations are given by speakers with various animal science backgrounds and experiences.

Description: Careers in Animal Science provides the participants with the opportunity to explore the many different career options that are available to students with an animal science degree. There is a different presenter each week. The career fields explored include: the pharmaceutical industry, animal nutrition, laboratory animal, and zoo positions. The students have the chance to ask questions during class and meet with the speaker afterwards. There are also presentations given by Rutgers faculty from Cooperative Extension as well as Career Services (resume writing) and the School of Management and Labor Relations (job interview techniques).

Examinations: There are no in-class exams or quizzes. The final grade is based on attendance, class participation, and submission of a resume.

Additional Information: Contact Dr. Kathleen Rahman (213D Bartlett, phone 848-932-1168, email

Syllabus (may be subject to change)