Careers in Animal Science (11:067:101)

(3 creditS)

Typically Offered: Each Spring semester by Dr. Aparna Zama.

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: This course has no prerequisites.

Format: Two 80 minute seminar/lectures each week.

Description: Students will gain a broad understanding of the variety of careers available to Animal Science majors and minors. The course will also provide students with lectures on professional development including electronic portfolio, resume, and cover letter development as well as practice interviewing and networking skills. Typically, one class day a week will be dedicated to instruction on a professional development topic while the second class day will be feature a guest speaker from an Animal Science-related profession.

Additional Information: Contact Dr. Aparna Zama (209A Bartlett, phone 848-932-8495, email

Syllabus (may be subject to change)