Equine Exercise Physiology (16:340:508)

3 credits

Course Instructor: Dr. Kenneth McKeever

Normally Offered: Each Spring semester

Prerequisites and Other Registration Restrictions: Prerequisites include a course in physiology (e.g., Systems Physiology with lab (01:146:356,357) or the permission of Dr. McKeever.

Format: The course consists primarily of lectures with limited participation by students.

Description: The horse is a natural athlete performing a variety of tasks including racing, driving, draft work and pleasure riding. Research into the unique aspects of these athletic animals has lead to the development of the field of equine exercise physiology. This is one of the fastest growing fields in the Animal Sciences and there is a need to provide basic knowledge to students and future leaders of the equine industry. This course will involve a survey and critical evaluation of the current concepts regarding the physiological and environmental factors associated with exercise in the horse. Both acute and chronic effects will be studied with emphasis placed on physiological mechanisms and limitations.

Evaluation: Students evaluations are by:

Three 100 pt. Exams - 300
Term Paper - 100
Experimental Design Paper - 100
Abstract Paper - 100
Final Exam - 100

Total - 700

Other Requirements: Texts are The Athletic Horse-Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine by D.R. Hodgson and R.J. Rose (W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia) and Equine Exercise Physiology by D. Marlin and K. Nankervis (Blackwell Science, Oxford).

Additional Information: Contact Dr. McKeever (Bartlett 003, phone: 732-932-9390, email: mckeever@aesop.rutgers.edu).