Juan P. Advis

Juan P. Advis.

Bartlett Hall 213
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Email: advis@sebs.rutgers.edu


To assess if the hypothalamic median eminence (ME) is a neuroendocrine control site where final hypophysiotropic release leading to the preovulatory surge of Luteinizing Hormone (LH), an obligatory event for reproduction to occur, might be ultimately regulated. We have used two animal models for these studies: hens, showing daily LH preovulatory surges for 15-25 days and ewes, showing an LH preovulatory surge at the end of each follicular phase in a 16-day estrous cycle. In our studies, we have concentrated in assessing the hypothalamic control of LHRH by three of its ME putative inputs: -endorphin (END), dopamine (DA), and neuropeptide Y (NPY). Through our immunocytochemical studies we mapped the hypothalamic distribution of LHRH and these three ME putative inputs, in hens and ewes. On the other hand, in our release studies, we used in vitro incubations of ME tissue and push-pull cannula (PPC) sampling of in vivo neuropeptide release from discrete areas of the ME. In addition to our release studies, we assessed the possibility that enzymatic degradation of LHRH in the ME might be a regulated event of some physiological significance. Furthermore, we recently determined steady-state levels of mRNA and expression of c-fos antigens, in some of these putative inputs to ME-LHRH neuronal terminals. In addition, we have developed an extremely sensitive capillary electrophoresis-based assay, that uses fluorescence microscopy detection of derivatized samples, for the determination of multiple neuropeptides in ME-PPC perfusate samples.

Specific Projects

Effect of intragastric ethanol on the neuroendocrine control of the preovulatory release of LHRH by endorphin and neuropeptide Y at the hypothalamic median eminence.?

Special Techniques

In vivo neuropeptide release from discrete brain areas in stereotaxically instrumented ewes undergoing a synchronized follicular phase of their estrous cycle.


Title Location Year
Professor Rutgers University 1993
Assistant Professor Rutgers University 1982
Assistant Professor Austral University, Medical School, Chile 1972


Degree Location Year
Ph.D. University of Texas, Dallas 1980
Postdoc University of Pittsburgh & State University of New York 1980
Postdoc University of Texas, Dallas 1977
Postdoc Michigan State University, E. Lansing 1975
DVM Austral University, Vet School, Chile 1972

National Committees

Ad hoc reviewer for grants submitted to USDA

Professional Societies

Endocrine Society
Society for Neuroscience
American Physiological Society

Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member of The Journal of Capillary Electrophoresis
Ad hoc reviewer for:
Biology of Reproduction


11:067:450 Endocrinology
01:146:450 Endocrinology
16:761:501 Mammalian Physiology
11:067:000 Neuroendocrinology
16:067:612 Recent Advances in Endocrinology
01:140:450B1 General Endocrinology
01:119:356B1 System Physiology

Representative Publications

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