The Equine Science Club is dedicated to stimulate an interest in equine science, promote equine related opportunities for all students, inform prospective students and other interested students of the various aspects of equine science, and promote intellectual, social, and recreational activities.


February 23, 2006:
Grad student Emily Lamprecht will be speaking about her research

March 9, 2006: Dr. Campbell of the Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center

March 23, 2006: Natural therapy demonstration by Dr. Judy Morgan and Don Williams of the Just Dandy Veterinary Service

March 25, 2006: Trip to Walnridge standardbred breeding farm 10:30am

April 4, 2006: Cornell University vet school rep (combined meeting with SAS and

April 6, 2006: Massage demonstration by Karen Pensack in the roundhouse, 9pm

April 8, 2006: Trip to Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center 12:30

April 20, 2006: Elections!

April 29, 2006: Ag Field Day!

May 2, 2006: Trail ride at Spring Valley Equestrian Center in Newton, NJ.
Details TBA. *tentative*



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